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This 23 Year Old Made 20k Using An App And One Simple Trick!

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Who wouldn’t say no to a bit of spare change? Certainly not Andrew Christman, who made 20k in just one week with a bit of quick thinking and a brand new app.


Just some beer money”

Just a couple of weeks ago Andrew was working a fulltime job at a local fast food joint, he had just graduated from university and was looking for better paying job, but in the meantime had to pay his rent, which took almost all of his salary.

To make a bit of money on the side Andrew looked for deals and bargains online which he would buy and resell for a little bit of profit. “It was mostly just a hobby, and something I could do to make a little bit of money to go out with friends.”

Taking It To The Next Level

It was late one night after a long and tiring shift that Andrew found himself browsing the google app store looking for a game to play whilst he relaxed. It was then that an app called Tophatter caught his eye.

“It was an auction app, kind of like ebay” Andrew told us, “When I signed up and logged in I couldn’t believe my eyes”.  On the app Andrew saw brand new headphones going for almost nothing and jewelry going for hundreds off the original price. With his knowledge of selling online Andrew realized that the app had potential to make him hundreds of dollars.


“I didn’t know it would be that successful”

Andrew called into work and asked his supervisor for a couple of days off, promising to make up his hours in overtime the following week. Thankfully, his supervisor gave him the ok and Andrew got busy buying and selling determined to take advantage of the opportunity as best he could.

When all was said and done, he had made $20,000 dollars in just under a week, “I didn’t know it would be that successful” Andrew told us, but he’s not planning on giving up the day job just yet “I’m going to keep my job, its stable and the pay isn’t bad, I can keep doing this in my spare time”

The App Is Getting More Popular Everyday

We asked Andrew if he is still using Tophatter to make money, he told us that despite its increase in popularity he’s still making a decent amount of money, but not quite 20k a week! The auction app has hundreds of auctions running simultaneously which you can bid on, competing with hundreds of other shoppers for discounts of up to 80%!

We tried out the app and as Andrew said despite it becoming more popularity it’s still possible to scoop up some huge bargains, we got a pair of surround sound headphones for $40! Not quite cheap enough to resell for huge profit, but we are not complaining!

If you’d like to give the app a try you can find a link below, If you sign up today you can get $4 spending credit free of charge!

How Can I Get The App?

Just download the app on your phone, enter your email address and you’re ready to win over auctions and save money in the process. Or you can simply join on their website: Over 10 million people already did, so what are you waiting for?



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